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Real-time ID, photo and video analysis that burns fraud attempts to a crisp. Works on every device and fits your onboarding flow without hurting conversion rates. Built by friendly people with mean R&D muscle.

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190+ countries

Veriff supports IDs from every corner of the world.

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From iOS to Android, Blackberry and offshore oil rigs. No platform left behind.

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Once we have a deal and an account for you, you’ll need a code snippet to start veriffing. You’ll log in, copy our code, and drop it into your own code.
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Technical details


Document validation

Makes sure that the government-issued ID you’re shown has all the visual security elements, data, and other features of an authentic document.

Data validation

Makes sure that ID data is consistent and complies with worldwide standards. Is machine-readable data standardized? Does it match the person’s details?

Video analysis

Extracts biometric information from a video feed, not just photos. This makes fraudsters’ lives much, much harder. One day, every serious verification service will have this capability. Today, we seem to be the only one. No wonder – building the feature was harder than a woodpecker’s lips.

Face comparison

Makes sure that the unique biometric characteristics on the selfie match those on the ID photo. Puffy faces are fine. We use deep-learning technology to deliver stellar results.

Real-time results

We offer a 24/7 service that handles any fallback verifications where identity couldn’t be verified automatically. Beauty sleep is for Bambi. We’re providing a serious service here.

Device fingerprinting

Uses machine learning to help detect and block fraud. We analyze the device used for verification and compare hundreds of parameters with blacklists, past behavior, and search for inconsistencies.

Registry checks

Validates the ID data readout against public, private, and government databases.

White-label design

Want obvious Veriff bits hidden so you get the full glory? Naughty. The identity-verification flow can be designed to reflect your brand.

Case studies

Short insights into how we made specific customers happy.

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How can I get Veriff?

Contact sales. Industries, volumes, and contexts are different. We’ll discuss your needs and address them at a cost that works for you.